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We provide a one of a kind support infra-structure to countries from South of the Sahara down to the Cape Agulhas .

FREE NETWORK CONSULTATION - Based in South Africa, we provide Free Network Consultation. This means that before you buy any D-Link product we will help you design your network, how big or how small, for FREE.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT - With this knowledge in hand we also provide Technical Assistance. This means that we will help you setup your D-Link product over the telephone or via e-mail setup procedures if you happen to struggle setting up the product.

CALL CENTRE HOURS - Our call centre has extended it's business hours from 8am to 9pm to assist you via the telephone.

PROBLEM REPORT - When for some reason you find a problem with our product or identify the rare bug when doing a setup, we have a 500 engineer base to solve any product related problems.

WARRANTY - We have a well oiled replacement system in place running on the core of limited lifetime warranty. Limited lifetime warranty basically means that if the unit is still being manufactured and you happen to end up with a faulty unit, we will replace the unit with a new one. Limited lifetime warranty also means that after the unit out of the manufacturing procedure we still give a year time afterwards for replacement. The ONLY golden rule, you as client need to follow is to return your broken unit to the place where you bought it from, if you still want to keep your warranty after the replacement. If you have any question about the RMA procedure you can contact our RMA department at rma@d-link.co.za.

For any other technical queries you can contact us at support@d-link.co.za.



• 2008-07-23 > Some of our ADSL units are shipped with a Russian CD. You can download the correct English CD here: DSL-2500U, DSL-2540U, DSL-2640U.

• 2008-02-02 > The first couple of products are available on the download page.

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